Sophia 有很强的责任感 1646 Hittell Pl / Mozar

Sophia has a strong sense of responsibilty. She took care of everything from house hunting, placing bids, finding the best mortgage and loaners and recommending handy man to fix the property. She is also volunteering connecting landlords and tenants. It is a big help for buyers of investment property. Many of my friends got their sweet home with Sophia's help. Highly recommended !

Sophia有很强的责任感。她负责一切,从找房子,出价,找到最好的抵押贷款和贷款人,并推荐方便的人来修理房产。她还自愿联系房东和租户这对投资物业的买家来说是一个很大的帮助。我的许多朋友在 Sophia 的帮助下得到了他们甜蜜的家。强烈推荐!