Sophia是知识渊博的房地产经纪人 47462 MISSION FALLS CT - Kappy

 Sophia is an exceptional knowledgeable Realtor. She helped me purchased a home in the bay area, while I was in Florida, From the beginning of search to the escrow closing, I didn't look the home in person, , she communicated with me virtually, handled all necessary things, including final walk through. When I first time set my foot in the home, I was more than happy to see the home she helped to chose for me, is beautiful, elegant, with high end upgrades throughout, and in a perfect location. I can't do better on my own. So grateful l!

Sophia是一位知识渊博的房地产经纪人。 她帮我在湾区买了一套房子,我在Florida,从开始寻找到托管结束,我没有亲自看房子,她与我进行虚拟沟通,处理所有必要的事情,包括最后走过。当我第一次踏入家中时,我非常高兴地看到她帮助我选择的家,美丽、优雅、高端升级,并且位置完美。 我一个人不能做得更好。 太感谢l了!