Sophia 专业、善良、知识渊博、体贴、反应灵敏、洞察力强 from Guan

 Sophia did an excellent job helping me purchase my first home. She is very professional, kind, knowledgable, considerate, responsive, and insightful. We have been having very smooth communication, and she could understand all my need very clearly. With her help, I was able to move very fast to filter out the meeting-expectation options and place the order quickly. Then she helped inspect the house very carefully and helped me raising many detailed but important questions to the builders, to make sure the house I received is flawless. She also answered a lot of questions from me, and shared many useful experiences and tips. All of these have made my home purchase process effective, smooth, and comfortable. I really appreciate it.

Sophia 在帮助我购买第一套房子方面做得非常出色。 她非常专业、善良、知识渊博、体贴、反应灵敏、洞察力强。 我们的沟通一直很顺畅,她能很清楚地了解我的所有需求。 在她的帮助下,我能够非常快速地过滤掉符合预期的选项并快速下订单。 然后她非常仔细地帮助检查房子,并帮助我向建筑商提出了许多详细但重要的问题,以确保我收到的房子是完美无缺的。 她还回答了我的很多问题,分享了很多有用的经验和技巧。 所有这些都让我的购房过程高效、顺畅、舒适。 我真的很感激。