Review - 2037 Worthington Circle - Chiang Dora

 Sophia has been extremely helpful with kind patience for my home purchase in US. She's not only knowledgeable with buying homes but also being as a very successful listing agent in Bay Area. Sophia has a very profound networking with all aspects of the local contractors/trade partners that new homes will be needed for furnishing/remodeling purposes but also for CPA consultation intro as well which saves us a lot of hassles to pave the way towards new home purchase. Last but not least, we appreciate so much for Sophia's fantastic support during my very 1st home purchase journey. Will highly recommend Sophia to be your trustworthy realtor with whole-hearted. You Rock ! Sophia                                                           

Sophia 对我在美国购房非常有帮助和耐心。她不仅在购房方面拥有丰富的知识,而且还是湾区非常成功的上市经纪人。 Sophia 与当地承包商/贸易伙伴的各个方面都有非常深厚的人脉关系,新房不仅需要用于家具/装修目的,还需要CPA 咨询介绍,这为我们节省了很多麻烦,为购买新房铺平了道路。最后但并非最不重要的一点是,我们非常感谢 Sophia 在我第一次购房过程中提供的大力支持。会全心全意地推荐Sophia成为您值得信赖的房地产经纪人。你真棒! Sophia